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We offer professional landscaping and gardening services that include landscaping design and planting, gardening, garden care and maintenance, water features (waterfalls, fountains, small ponds, fish ponds, streams, indoor container water gardens), hardscape and irrigation services.

We have over ten years' experience, you can depend on us to deliver.
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Our Services

Hospitality Department

Our Makongo stop over hotel; come experience our delicious food and our world class hospitality Levels. Come in as guests, Leave as Family.

Hospitality Department

Come enjoy our finger licking meals at our gazebos where the breath of life is in the sunlight and the hand of life in the cool winds blowing across the escarpment …

Landscaping Services

Duranta erecta ( varigated and unvarigated) and lantana spp hedges incorporated with grasses such as, Pennisetum clandestinum (Kikuyu grass), Agrotis stolonifera(Bent Grass), Paspalum Vaginatum (Paspalum), Cynodon dactylon (Bermuda grass), Arabic grass And Zimbabwe grasses.

Landscaping Services

We incorporate different types of palms in your compound such as Caryota urens, C. mitis (Fishtail Palm), Roystonea regia (Royal Palm), Cycas revoluta(cycad), Alexander spp palms, Washingtonia filifera and Ravenala madascariensis (Traveller palm), Dypsis lutescens ( Golden cane palm).

Flowers, Fences & Gardening

Agapanthus africanus. We offer services in landscaping and maintenance of grounds

Flowers, Fences & Gardening

A well maintained Duranta repens 'Variegata' live fence. We plant and manage climbers such as Ficus pumila above and others such as Bougainvillea spp, Honeysuckle spp, English Ivies and Shrubbery made up of different lovely plants.

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